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Welcome to our Advice Centre. Here you will find handy articles and guides, helpful tips and useful videos to help you plan and prepare for your laboratory relocation. 

Troubleshooting issues on site can save valuable time during laboratory moves

Preparation and planning are key to carrying out a successful laboratory relocation.

How Aport handles sensitive projects

If your project is sensitive and confidentiality is important to you, it is vital to choose a company you can trust to handle your relocation.

Six ways Aport can remove the stress from your laboratory relocation

As April is stress awareness month, we are taking a look at how the team at Aport can make your life easier during a relocation.

Specialist storage during your laboratory relocation

The ideal solution for time sensitive moves

Laboratory and Research relocation for Academics

Pre-planning is key to continuation of research

How to keep everyone informed during your relocation

Clear communication with stakeholders and staff is vital at all stages of the moving process

How to continue running a laboratory or research facility while relocating

What steps should you take to keep things running as normally as possible during a relocation?

How European laboratory relocations have been affected by Brexit

Our guide to post-Brexit international laboratory relocations.

Planning a USA lab relocation

We look at how Aport works with customers to take the hassle and stress out of inter-USA moves and transatlantic relocations

How to plan a laboratory move at short notice

Planning is key when you are moving a laboratory and in an ideal world, you would have plenty of time to organise your relocation.

Why you shouldn’t attempt to move lab equipment by yourself

Today (April 28) is World Day for Safety and Health at Work and to mark the occasion, we are highlighting all the reasons you shouldn’t try and handle a laboratory move without professional help.

Webinar Recording: 14 top tips for a smart laboratory:

Presented by Principle Labs and Aport, this webinar explored 14 tips for a smart laboratory.

What are project management services and how can they help?

Managing a relocation project in-house can be stressful and time-consuming but using a specialist firm that offers project management services means your team can concentrate on their valuable research and day-to-day tasks.

Relocating your life while relocating your lab

Many of our clients are packing up their work and their home and family for a new start elsewhere

Minimising cross-contamination risks

Important considerations to reduce contamination during a move

9 safety rules every laboratory should follow

Avoid unnecessary risks or accidents

How to reduce stress levels during your laboratory move

Moving a laboratory to a new location is a complex task but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Relocating your lab post Covid 19

Planning your return to work

Planning a laboratory move during lockdown

Tips to get your relocation planning started

Five ways Aport puts safety first during a laboratory relocation

During any laboratory relocation, health and safety is a top priority.

Why you should only use experts when it comes to sample moves

Steps must be taken to ensure your samples and specimens are transported safely

Logistical challenges for vaccine distribution

Extreme temperature controlled solution required

Cleanroom moves – what you need to know

Moving cleanrooms to a new location is not a simple process

Government’s ambitious £22 billion plans to boost innovation in the UK

Increasing investment in research and development (R&D) is a key part of a new government strategy to encourage innovation in the UK.

What is IQ OQ PQ?

It might be common knowledge for those who regularly work in labs, but this article is a great introduction for colleagues in other departments.

Eye on the UK – Research & Innovation Boost Thanks to Major Investment from UKRI

The United Kingdom's research and innovation landscape is set to receive a £388 million investment in five key infrastructure projects.

What are the latest changes to ADR regulations?

Recent updates aim to to improve safety on the roads.

Things to think about when moving hazardous materials

There are numerous risks to manage with hazardous materials

How to move samples safely

Moving samples requires a specialist approach.

Dangerous Goods by Sea and the Misdeclaration of Hazardous Cargo

Misdeclaration can put safety and lives at risk

The importance of insuring your lab move

Insurance needs to be planned separately

What is General Average?

One of our most commonly asked questions

Take Control of the Risk

Make sure you understand your logistic company's trading conditions

Insurance for Aport’s fulfilment service explained

Minimising risks for processing and dispatch of orders

What does my laboratory relocation insurance cover?

A simple explanation of how to interpret the terms of your cover.

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