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Aport’s move management services will begin with a consultation with your move team to gain a thorough understanding of the requirements and timescales involved in your laboratory relocation.

Our aim at all times is to minimise any downtime during the relocation, while also ensuring all regulatory requirements are fully adhered to.  Effective move management will mitigate any potential delays in time to market, both by creating an efficient schedule and planning for all eventualities, no matter how unlikely.

Before a laboratory relocation can begin, there are numerous elements to consider in detail, before allocating priorities and assigning responsibilities.

The key to an effective plan is in the detail.  Every item to be moved must be logged in an asset list along with relevant information, such as quantities, hazardous properties of chemicals, OEMs of instrumentation and anything else which may impact the relocation.

All dependencies must also be recorded and planned for.  Aport’s experienced move managers will consider all elements of your project and produce a clear and detailed move plan.  Our team will ensure that all relevant staff are fully aware of the move schedule and that all parties know their roles and responsibilities. Aport can also help keep your wider workforce and stakeholders informed at all stages.

Aport has the global capacity to assist in move management to overseas locations.  Each destination country has its own unique requirements in respect of customs clearance procedures, so allow our team to advise you with confidence.

For more detail on any of Aport’s move management services, contact a member of our team today to discuss your individual requirements.

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