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Troubleshooting issues on site can save valuable time during laboratory moves

12/06/2023 / Project management / posted by Catherine Byrom

Preparation and planning are key to carrying out a successful laboratory relocation.

Aport carries out a thorough site assessment before the start of any move, troubleshooting any potential issues so the relocation itself can be carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This includes examining the access to any buildings to determine the best entry and exit points and establishing the routes  - both on foot and in vehicles - the relocation crews should take in advance.

On one recent project, where equipment was being moved to different buildings on the same campus, Aport worked with site services to deal with any obstacles which would have made the move more difficult for their crew. This included temporarily removing a number of speed ramps, which were bolted down on the internal roads, to ensure the route used by Aport’s vehicles was as smooth as possible.

Other steps which were taken included using fire escapes, which were wider than the  usual entry and exit points and laying down thick matting to smooth the ground outside the building.

Andrew Powers, project manager at Aport, said: “Our initial site visit flags up any potential problems we might encounter. What we are moving is only part of the equation, there are lots of additional factors to consider like is it safe? Is it in a condition where it can be moved? Can we get it out of the building?”

Checks and assessments can identify potential obstacles

In some projects, larger pieces of equipment may need to be dismantled so they can be removed from their current location and loaded onto vehicles.

Aport can also carry out basic checks on equipment before and after it is moved if requested by the client. This instrument check allows the crew to highlight any problems before an engineer is brought in to recommission the item and carry out official testing for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Andrew said: “The checks will identify whether there are any obvious problems with the equipment before and after it has been moved. So we look at whether it switches on as expected and whether there are any error messages.

“This can potentially save valuable time as there is no point getting an expensive compliance engineer in to do the tests if the equipment doesn’t even switch on.”

Aport also draws up comprehensive packing lists, which include details of exactly what has been packed in each box and whether accessories like cables are included. This is designed to save time at the destination and reduce the risk of items being taken to the wrong place or having elements missing.

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