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How Aport handles sensitive projects

18/06/2021 / Project management / posted by Jane Wood

If your project is sensitive and confidentiality is important to you, it is vital to choose a company you can trust to handle your relocation.

Aport has extensive experience in carrying out discreet relocations for laboratories, research projects and testing facilities. We understand the importance of handling projects with sensitivity and complete confidentiality.

Our expert team recognises that any leaks to third parties or loss or mishandling of information could have a devastating impact on our clients, so we have strict protocols and procedures in place to ensure all data is kept completely secure throughout the relocation process.

Where projects need to be handled with complete secrecy and discretion, our staff will sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) preventing them from sharing any sensitive details about the move with anyone else.

Aport gives extensive training to all its staff, and this includes specific guidance on handling sensitive and confidential data. All our procedures and protocols meet GLP requirements, and we ensure a full chain of custody for all relocations, whether they are within the UK or to an international destination.

Security sealed containers

Our relocation crews use security sealed containers to transport laboratory data. Each container will be logged, and security tagged with a unique reference number, and we will ask the client to check this and sign for each container before departure.

Once we arrive at the final destination, we will then ask the client to check each security seal to confirm it is intact and has not been tampered with in transit and then sign off the reference number.

For sensitive projects which require confidentiality, we also use security sealed vehicles, which are fitted with state-of-the-art tracking devices. This means we can monitor the location and progress of each vehicle at all times throughout the relocation process.

We also ask our clients to check and sign off each vehicle at both the starting and finishing point. And we are able to provide full and detailed vehicle tracking information for records and auditing purposes.

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