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Accurate and appropriate insurance of your items to be relocated or stored is vital for your peace of mind and the smooth running of your operation.

All logistics providers operate under standard trading conditions which limit their liability in a number of ways, not least financially.

For example, a carrier operating under the common RHA (Road Haulage Association) conditions will have a financial liability not exceeding £1300 per tonne in respect of any assets lost or damaged. A far from adequate sum to reimburse you in the unfortunate event that your own assets are damaged.

This limitation of liability is designed to protect the logistics provider. To protect your own assets we strongly recommend that you arrange Marine Cargo Insurance which will provide cover up to the full value of your assets.

Despite the terminology, Marine Insurance can be arranged to cover the movement of goods by sea, air, road and by any mode of transport, within UK or overseas, and whilst in store.

Aport can arrange this policy for you, overseen by our specialist lab relocation insurance team. We work closely with our insurers to innovate and create bespoke policy coverage where appropriate. The policy cover we offer is designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers in this very unique market sector.

For a relatively low insurance premium you will have the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of an incident in transit or store you can be reimbursed to the full value of your assets, plus additional expenses.

The relocation insurance policy we provide will cover the replacement value of your assets, the cost of your relocation, and the cost of the insurance itself. We can offer a unique policy extension to include cover towards to costs involved in reproducing lost samples, and deterioration due to variations in temperature.

We understand that the risk may attach from the point of decommissioning instrumentation and our specialist policies take this into account.

For more information or an estimate, contact our laboratory relocation insurance team today.

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