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A Sample Manager is a sensitive piece of laboratory equipment, and like similar instruments it is crucial that you liaise with the original manufacturer or vendor before moving them.

Failing to do this and carrying out any work outside of the requirements of the vendor or original equipment manufacturer could leave the Sample Manager’s warranty null and void.

Aport’s global laboratory relocations service has years of experience managing moves for single pieces of laboratory equipment, through to major moves involving all instruments within one laboratory.

Aport would liaise with the vendor or original equipment manufacturer on your behalf, giving you reassurance that any de-commissioning and re-commissioning work would be carried out to the required standards.

Once we have liaised with the vendor or original equipment manufacturer, our specially-trained engineer would decommission the Sample Manager. All solvents are removed and cabling is kept in place, dependent on the requirements of the particular OEM.

If the Sample Manager is to be moved to a different building, the instrument would be placed in a bespoke crate which would be built specifically to the instructions of the original equipment manufacturer or vendor.

However, is the Sample Manager is only being moved within the same building, it is unlikely that a bespoke crate would be required.

Using Aport’s global laboratory relocation service can give you confidence that your laboratory equipment and instruments are in safe hands, with no work carried out unless it conforms to the high standards expected.

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