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Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, or more commonly known as a LCMS, takes around one day to fully de-commission, move and re-commission, depending on where the instrument is being moved to.

As with all sensitive laboratory instrumentation, it is vital to check with the original equipment manufacturer or vendor before beginning any move to make sure your actions do not invalidate the warranty.

Aport can manage this process for you, liaising with the LCMS’ vendor or original manufacturer to ensure the work is carried out in line with their protocols and standards.

Once this has been carried out, our specially-trained engineer would decommission the instrument. All solvents are removed, and cabling is kept in place. 

If the LCMS is moving to an external building, the instrument would be placed sideways into a bespoke crate built specifically to the requirements of the vendor or the original equipment manufacturer. Lowering the equipment into the crate from above would be too difficult due to the instrument’s weight and size. 

Shock and tilt monitors can be placed on the crate if required either by the customer or as part of the LCMS’ warranty. 

However, if the LCMS is only being moved internally, there is no need to place it in a bespoke crate.

Aport’s global laboratory relocation service can co-ordinate the safe and reliable move of all your laboratory instruments and equipment, wherever in the world they need to go. To discuss your specific requirements and how Aport can help you, contact us today.



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