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A laboratory relocation of any size does not come without risk.  The larger the relocation and the more complex the laboratory operation then the larger that this risk becomes and the inevitable exposure to it. 

aport's approach is to reduce risk at every stage and where risk cannot be completely eradicated we work to reduce and control any exposure to risk and the consequences of this.

At all times, aport is completely focused towards all regulatory and compliance related areas of risk which include but are not limited to:

  •          Global industry or sector specific regulatory adherence
  •          Local, regional or cross-border regulations
  •          Audit control
  •          HSE and safe working requirements

Our specialist consultants will work with you and your team to identify areas of risk, provide detailed background assessments of what this risk may include and the controls that can be developed in order to monitor and report on this throughout the life of the project. 

We will also ensure you and your team are consulted in respect to the creation of operational and procedural protocols in order that regulatory adherence is written in to our operational approach giving you ultimate confidence and trust in the way your relocation will be handled and the documentary audit trail that will exist post move.

Risk and risk management is one of the critical areas of aport’s operation, ensuring the plan for a physical relocation of your laboratory environment is developed beyond the aspect of moving and handling individual items. 

aport’s customers trust in us and our professional consultants to help them navigate the potential pitfalls that naturally exist when looking to move an operational laboratory from one place to another.

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