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Working in environments such as a category 4 laboratory requires many different strategies and skill sets to be deployed to ensure risk is reduced and, in particular, that safety considerations around Bio Security are identified and then protected.

Not every laboratory relocation specialist will have had this level of experience and may not particularly want to operate in this type of environment.  aport has delivered projects in category 4 laboratories and the company has a wealth of experience in the planning and operation of such relocations.

aport project managers will work tirelessly with the client to understand the risks and onsite protocols that already exist and will then develop a range of SOPs that provide trust and confidence in how the relocation will be operationally managed taking into consideration all potential risk factors.

In particular the aport project managers will work alongside the Bio Security Manager(s) right from the outset and will develop detailed protocols for the transfer of instruments, samples, materials, waste and equipment often disposing of aport equipment and materials on site to ensure containment procedures are fully followed.

Highly trained aport operatives will follow detailed procedures for the decontamination and wiping down of all instruments and equipment to be transferred before wrapping all items in specialist materials and then moving these through segregated transfer stations with additional decontamination and wiping procedures at both ends before delivery to the new facility/position along with the documented unwrapping of all items and the disposal of such by incineration or other authorised methods.

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