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Short notice Canada to UK instrument move completed

25/02/2020 / Instrument relocation

Aport has completed the transatlantic relocation of a significant shipment of valuable and delicate laboratory instrumentation.

The move from Toronto, Canada, to the UK involved intensive pre-planning work to ensure all equipment was on-site, ready for Aport’s specialist crews to decommission, disassemble and decontaminate the items before packing them into bespoke wooden crates, ready to load into the shipping container.

The instrumentation was extremely sensitive to moisture, so it was imperative that all items wrapped and packed correctly to protect from any damage during sea freight transit.

A critical part of the move was the client’s need for an end to end solution by a single provider, with no third parties involved in the decommissioning, recommissioning or relocating of these instruments.

Instrumentation which was relocated included gas chromatographs, a mass spectrometer, 45l jacketed vessel with mixing ports, production floor scale, aerosol spray test unit, autosampler and ASDA with MDI actuation station.  All items were unloaded and delivered to benchtop by Aport’s crews in the UK.

Commercial director Tom Wickstead commented: “Our client chose Aport for this intensive job because of our expertise in international shipments as well as knowledge of their instruments and our resources to deploy crews to the location quickly – within three weeks of first contact.

“Aport is able to pre-clear international shipments whenever possible to ensure the smoothest possible border entries.  We are delighted to report this move went exactly to plan and our client was extremely satisfied with the result.”

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