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Water Testing Facility Relocation

Aport was approached by a large UK regional water provider to relocate their testing and analysis laboratories from their existing site to a new facility just a few miles away. 

What was critical with this particular relocation was the requirement to ensure continuous provision of scientific services to the provider to ensure the ongoing safety and security of water supplies in the region.

Aport had to work with the customer to build and create a strategic plan that ensured not only that the continuation of analysis was not disrupted but that inter-dependencies were managed as part of the overall move planning.

The relocation was spread over a four week period with aport working through the weekend in order to minimise disruption.  There was a large number of analytical instruments to be relocated during this period and a quantity of samples which needed to be kept at 2-8 and -70.  aport utilised their range of specialist fully validated shipping systems to ensure temperature and sample integrity was maintained throughout the transportation of all cold chain materials from site to site. 

Although not needed on this project aport can provide full validation details of its temperature controlled packaging which is fully cross-hemisphere tested to ambient temperature challenges and has validation data available to support dossier submissions to agencies such as the FDA and EMA. 

There were a number of instruments that were critical to the operation but aport ensured that the customer was confident of our ability to transfer instruments with absolute minimum risk.  This confidence was gained by aport providing an example of one of our specialist bespoke crates that houses a unique double floating deck base that essentially provides a mini air-ride suspension system for each instrument.  Additional confidence was gained by the fact that aport attaches a shock monitor as standard to every crate and a tilt monitor to every instrument with a laser contained within it clearly identifying if any instrument has been miss-handled during transportation.

Although there was considerable pressure on the project timings and everything relied on the timely decommissioning and re-commissioning process to be completed ahead of and before packing moving and unpacking, the project was delivered on time and to a level beyond the initial expectations of the customer.

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